Alfa Romeo Postpones Decision On Future Factory Motorsport Programme

DSC wrote earlier this year that Alfa Romeo was evaluating a potential FIA WEC Hypercar programme and whilst an announcement of the Italian brand’s decision on a future factory motorsport effort has been delayed, it seems the prospect of a future in the WEC is still very much on the table.

With an announcement provisionally slated for Le Mans Classic earlier this month, there was a clear reason for regional newspaper L’Ouest France to ask Alfa Romeo boss JP Impererato what progress had been made towards a decision on the brand’s motorsport future. The F1 contract between Alfa Romeo and Sauber is set to come to an end at the conclusion of the current season, ahead of Sauber’s programme with Audi from 2026.

“What I can assure you is that we are not leaving motorsport,” he said.

“In my mind, it’s going to be F1 or the WEC next. We are still considering both options”

“There are numerous programmes ongoing for Stellantis Motorsport: Peugeot, Maserati, DS, Opel and there are already several irons in the fire so adding another one won’t make it easier.

“(We) shall enter a competition if we believe we can win. So we are going to take our time and do things right.

“We wanted to make an announcement during Le Mans Classic. Yet, we still have a few studies to finish before we take our decision. But I think we need to be out of the woods before year-end. It seems reasonable and feasible to me.”

Should Alfa Romeo decide to step into Hypercar it would be the brand’s first factory effort in international sportscar racing since 1977 with the Alfa Romeo 33SC12. Since then the brand has focused on F1 and Touring Cars.

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