Alonso reveals BIZARRE F1 superstition spanning two decades

Fernando Alonso has revealed that he tries to ‘avoid certain people’ before a grand prix as part of his pre-race superstition, including one ritual that sees him forced to shake his physiotherapist’s hand.

When you have been in the sport for as long as Alonso – and been as successful as he has – it is safe to say that if you have found a winning formula, why change it?

Yet the F1 veteran has opened up on a rather peculiar superstition that he has carried with him for more than 20 years.

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Alonso: I try to avoid certain people

Fernando Alonso has an interesting pre-race routine

He told Aston Martin’s in-house media: “I still have some superstitions that I keep doing, even though I do them less now. Back then, you know, the fireproof underwear that we have underneath the overalls, you could do different things.

“We used to cut the sleeves. We used to cut the trousers as well. Now, we cannot do that anymore, obviously, for regulations.

“But I still try to avoid certain people that I think will bring me bad luck. Even when I saw people on the grid and someone wanted to shake my hand, I try to avoid that.

“If I do shake hands with someone, I try to find my physiotherapist as a way to clean that hand from that bad luck and those kinds of things.

“I always avoid the same people because they are still here 20 years later! I need to be very careful,” he said laughing. “It’s a very stressful Sunday morning for me!”

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