Animal rights protesters storm the course at the Netflix Cup

  • PETA protesters invaded the first tee box at the F1-golf crossover event 
  • Security (and comedian/event host Bert Kreischer) both stepped in 
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That’s right: PETA decided to head to the deserts of Las Vegas to protest an Alaskan dog sled race during Netflix‘s first ever live broadcasted sports event.

As the first group of golfers and F1 drivers approached the first tee for The Netflix Cup at the Wynn Golf Course in Sin City, protesters ran out onto the tee box holding signs.

Those protestors got some screen time before security – as well as comedian and course reporter Bert Kreischer – hauled them away. It caused a lot of confusion amongst those walking to the tee box: Lando Norris, Carlos Sainz, Justin Thomas, and Rickie Fowler.

The target of the protestors derision was the Iditarod dog-sled race held every year in Alaska.

PETA says that Liberty Media – the company that owns Formula One – has tied to the dogsled race and has been sponsoring it for a number of years.

Protesters ran onto the tee box at the F1-golf crossover event 'The Netflix Cup' on Tuesday

The golfers and race car drivers involved both appeared visibly confused by the display

‘Why would F1 want to be associated with cruelty to dogs? We bet most drivers—particularly those with dogs, like Hamilton—would say that it should get out now!,’ PETA wrote on its website.

‘Dogs used in the Iditarod are made to run the approximately 1,000-mile race while pulling heavy sleds through biting winds, blinding snowstorms, and subzero temperatures in some of the most grueling conditions on Earth. 

‘More than 150 dogs have already died in the race, not counting those who died during the off-season while left chained up outside in subfreezing temperatures or those who were killed because they didn’t make the grade. 

‘Forcing dogs, humans’ oldest animal companions, to run against their will to entertain us is a form of speciesism, a human-supremacist worldview.’

The Iditarod is a dog race run in Alaska that covers nearly 1,000 miles depending on the route. It has been run as an organized event every year since 1973.

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