Brundle sees other F1 teams approaching: ‘Red Bull minimising costs’

Former Formula 1 driver Martin Brundle thinks the F1 championship would be a lot more exciting if the combination of Max Verstappen, the RB19 and Red Bull Racing were not so hugely strong. At the same time, he sees rival teams getting closer, although the analyst says this is partly because Red Bull has already shifted its focus to 2024.

Talk of the day during the British Grand Prix weekend was the presence of Brad Pitt, who was filming at Silverstone for his upcoming Formula 1 film. “The lead actor in real F1 land continues to be Max Verstappen who from pole position won his sixth straight race for Red Bull, and his eighth this season so far,” Brundle writes in his column for Sky Sports.

He continues: “As his team-mate Sergio Perez sadly struggles to deliver the full potential of his Red Bull in recent races, once again we can say that if Max wasn’t so utterly at one with himself, this car, and his team, we’d be in the middle of one hell of a world championship.”

Brundle sees other F1 teams approaching Red Bull

The F1 season began not only with a rock-solid Red Bull Racing, but also with a very impressive performing Aston Martin. Fernando Alonso, in particular, impressed by consistently finishing on the podium, but in the last few races, rival teams seem to have fared better. Brundle also sees McLaren, Mercedes and Ferrari approaching.

“Verstappen’s pole position was hard won by just a quarter of a second from the flying McLarens, and he had to work for it. I have no doubt that the pack are closing in on Red Bull as they improve their cars and Red Bull are minimising 2023 updates and costs, and looking at the 2024 car already,” Brundle said.

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