DevSpeed Motorsport Ditch Engine of 1969 Jaguar E-Type for 2JZ

By: Ryan De Villiers

The “2JZ swap the world” dogma has spread to the farthest reaches of the automotive community. Echoing that principle, DevSpeed Motorsport has unveiled their 2JZ-swapped Jaguar E-Type.

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Image: Eneos

The E-Type, known as the XKE in the States, was born in 1961 as the road-going successor of the Jaguar D-Type. Its beguiling physique is the work of famed aerodynamicist, Malcolm Sayer. Beneath an undefiled E-Type’s curves and soft contours lives a 4,2-litre straight six, which afforded the car’s rear-wheels with 181 kW and 357 N.m, culminating in a 0 to 100 km/h sprint in 7,2 seconds. Dev Motorsport has omitted the original engine configuration in favour of a 2JZ-GTE 3,0-litre straight six that affords the bulbous restomod an output north of 550 kW reported by a side exit exhaust.

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With great power comes even greater connecting components. The 2JZ that powers this Jaguar is kitted with a BorgWarner turbocharger, CP-Carillo pistons and connecting rods, upgraded engine bearings, an uprated cylinder head and a Vibrant Performance intercooler. Although retaining a similar cylinder count as the original 4,2-litre powerplant, this Japanese engine is coupled with several components sourced from an eclectic batch of vehicles, such as the brakes of a Corvette or the ZF five-speed transmission sourced from an E36 M3.

Image: Eneos

The 2JZ-powered Jaguar wears an eggshell blue colour scheme accentuated by the dominant white meatball-style logos with the sponsor’s name, Enoes Motor Oil, proudly displayed in the centre. Slightly cambered, the flared Bridgestone Potenza tyres hug a set of lightweight 17-inch Rotiform STLs wheels. Take a peep inside and you’re greeted by carbon0fibre seats, a deep dish wheel and a vibrant blue cage and body.

Sacrilege or bespoke project worthy of commendation? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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