Fire Extinguisher updates for circuit competitors

Motorsport Australia wishes to inform competitors of upcoming changes to fire extinguisher requirements for Circuit Race Events.

Following investigations into several incidents at Circuit Race Events at all levels of the sport, Motorsport Australia will be mandating the fitment of fire extinguishers for all Automobiles in Circuit Races.

A fire extinguisher installed in a competition vehicle is primarily designed to delay the development of a fire and consequently give the occupant more time to exit the vehicle.

From 1st January 2024, all automobiles competing in a Circuit Race Event will be required to install either a plumbed in or handheld fire extinguisher dependent on competition level.

National Championship or Series
Automobiles competing in a National Championship or Series will be required to install a plumbed in extinguisher system from FIA Technical List No. 16 or FIA Technical List No. 52.

Systems must be installed in accordance with FIA Sporting Code, Appendix J, Article 253

Standalone classification National Competition and all other Circuit Race
Automobiles competing in a standalone National Competition (i.e. Improved Production Nationals), or any other Circuit Race (i.e State and below level including 5th Category) will be required to install either a hand-held extinguisher or a plumbed-in extinguisher system from FIA Technical List No. 16 or FIA Technical List No. 52.

Plumbed-in Extinguisher Systems

Approved systems, detailed in FIA Technical List No. 16 or No. 52, utilise a remote mounted bottle securely installed inside the cockpit which can be triggered both internally and externally to supply extinguishant to specific areas of the automobile. All plumbed-in systems must be installed in accordance with FIA Sporting Code, Appendix J, Article 253.

Systems with both mechanical and electrical trigger options are available together with a range of FIA approved extinguishants.

Plumbed-in extinguishers are required to be serviced by the manufacturer’s authorised service agent every 24 months.

Plumbed-in Extinguisher

Hand-held extinguishers

Approved Hand-held extinguishers are either 1 kg (minimum) Australian Standard 1841.5 ABE Powder or an FIA standard handheld extinguisher.

Hand-held extinguishers must be installed in accordance with Motorsport Australia Manual, Technical Appendix, Schedule H.

An AS1841 ABE Powder extinguisher must be serviced or replaced every 3 years.

An FIA Standard hand-held extinguisher must be serviced every 2 years.

Hand-held extinguisher

Motorsport Australia has been working with fire extinguisher manufacturers and Australia’s leading suppliers to limit potential supply chain issues and ensure an adequate nationwide service network is available to all competitors.

For further information please contact the Motorsport Australia Technical Department at [email protected],au

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