Flavio Briatore Net Worth: How rich is the business man and former Renault director?

Italian magnate Flavio Briatore is amongst the most influential people in the Formula 1 world and his net-worth is truly impressive. He is best-known for managing two of the most important Formula One racing teams in history. Briatore started his career in the sport as the manager of Benetton F1 team, who famously had the legendary Michael Schumacher as their driver when he was up and coming. During that time, Briatore earned massive notoriety but he was eventually replaced in 1997 due to multiple scandals. It took Flavio Briatore only three years to return to the same Formula One team but he did it to buy the entire organization.

How did Flavio Briatore make his money?

When he bought Benetton in the year 2000, Flavio Briatore decided to chnge the name to Renault F1. Since then, Flavio has been the team’s manager and owner. during this era, the Italian F1 owner signed a teenage Spaniard Fernando Alonso. He won both the Drivers’ and the Constructurs’ Championships in 2005 and 2006. Amongst the other major drivers Briatore managed are Mark Webber, Heikki Kovalainen, among others. Briatore makes his money from multiple ventures that include F1, nightclubs chains, restaurants, and the Billionaire Italian Couture brand. In 2007, he bought English Championship club Queens Park Rangers and remains the owner.

What is Flavio Briatore doing now?

Currently, Briatore has fought multiple legal scandals over the years but he still remains committed to Renault F1. In total and between all his ventures, Forbes estimates Flavio Briatore is worth a reported $400 million. Duyring August 2020 Briatore famously got infected by Covid-19 and fought a long battle to survive. Firtunately, he made it past that dark period in his life and he remains active on social media. Briatore has been considered one of the most influential figures in Italy. He had ties with former Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi and other heads of state. But for Flavio, his only true love remains Formula One racing.

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