Former F1 champion predicts Austria qualifying CHAOS

Damon Hill has predicted chaos in the qualifying session for the Austrian Grand Prix due to the very short track at the Red Bull Ring.

The former world champion, now a Sky Sports F1 pundit, explained that drivers get ‘tetchy’ on the track when slow-down laps accidentally block other cars, as each contestant fights to get a strong time.

Some teams have been optimistic about their chances in Austria – Mercedes has said the upgrades they brought to Canada will be more visible at the Red Bull Ring.

Hill: It’s all over in a minute

The 1996 world champion told the F1 Nation podcast: “It’s all gonna be crammed into this ridiculously tight short track. It’s all over in about a minute, isn’t it?

“The number of cars getting clear laps is gonna be a problem.

“They’re all getting a bit tetchy because they’re doing their slow-down laps and blocking people inadvertently and getting accused of unsporting behaviour.

He added: “You can’t make your car disappear. These cars are huge.”

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