Former F1 winner claims drivers want to see return of ‘UNIQUE’ track

2020 remains the standalone occasion that Formula 1 raced among the Tuscan landscape at the Mugello circuit, which handed Alex Albon his first podium, and Lewis Hamilton a 90th win in the sport.

A race filled with carnage, including two red flags due to carnage on the opening lap of the race, as well as a flying car during a safety car restart, provided plenty of entertainment to fans on their sofas who were unable to watch in person due to Covid-19.

Sadly, Formula 1 is yet to return to the track which played host to one of the best races of the decade so far, including a rare Max Verstappen retirement.

In 2021, it was reported that the circuit was ready to negotiate a deal with F1 to host more races, but no deal was met.

Fisichella: Mugello is unique

Former F1 winner Giancarlo Fisichella believes that Mugello should return to the calendar, despite growing concerns that there are too many races now.

He said: “I would like to see Formula 1 at Mugello again, he told Sky Italia. “I think all F1 drivers would like to see it too. I do not know the political and financial aspects and what should be done to bring back F1 here, but Mugello is unique.”

Sadly, it is unlikely that we will see a return any time soon, with both the USA and Saudi Arabia pushing for multiple races, and a lot more financial backing behind them, making it difficult for Mugello to compete for a spot on the calendar.

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