Formula 1 beer sponsor to blame for Ricciarco’s BOOZY nickname

Formula 1 sponsor Heineken’s motto is, “We don’t just sell beer, we sell fun.” And that’s certainly what one race winning driver is having in the latest advertisement for the famous beer brand.

Heineken have recruited the biggest personality in the F1 paddock for their “Whatever you call us” campaign down under, to celebrate their 150 year anniversary with a nation of beer lovers, and Daniel Ricciardo is loving every second of it.

The honey badger’s wordplay skills are amusing to say the least, as the Aussie throws out some hilarious alternatives by using well-known personalities and iconic landmarks.

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Ricciardo’s suggestions to Heineken

“Few ‘Brewskis’ with the lads.”

“Mount Frothiuszko.”

“‘Steve Brewscemi’… this beer’s better looking than him but.”

“Couple of ‘Brew Jackmans’.”

“History lesson for ya, ‘William Shakesbeers’.”

“Sometimes you gotta keep it simple, ‘Bevvy’.”

“Bevan and Sauce Sandwich.”

“‘Bevan Costner.’ He still looks good doesn’t he? A bit like this beer. Aged well.”

Ending with, “Boys, let’s get together, I’ve got it…Coupla ‘Beerciardos’.”

In a surprise return to the F1 paddock just days before the Belgian Grand Prix, Ricciardo isn’t wasting any time tapping back into his fun side, and neither are Heineken, on the launch of this engaging campaign to celebrate their landmark anniversary.

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