Hamilton’s INCREDIBLE F1 streak comes to an end

Lewis Hamilton‘s incredible record of finishing on the podium at Spa came to an end at last weekend’s Belgian Grand Prix, after the Mercedes driver had to settle for a P4 finish.

The seven-time world champion narrowly missed out on a podium finish in the final race before the summer break. Even though he would end up 17.4s behind Charles Leclerc in P3, a successful, albeit last ditch, fastest lap attempt saw the Hamilton claim a bonus point.

That would be the only point missing from Max Verstappen‘s clean sweep that weekend, with the Dutchman also claiming victory in Saturday’s sprint race alongside Sunday’s main event.

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Little consolation for Hamilton no doubt, but the Briton will perhaps be more disappointed that his stunning podium record at Spa came to an end over the weekend.

Hamilton’s podium record ends

Lewis Hamilton missed out on a podium finish at Spa after he came home in P4

For the first time since his rookie season, Hamilton crossed the finish line in Belgium yet failed to feature on the podium.

He has of course started at Spa and failed to cross the line – a la an infamous collision with Nico Rosberg in 2014 – yet whenever he has seen the chequered flag, he had always finished in the top three.

Unfortunately that run came to an end, with Verstappen and Leclerc also being joined for the champagne celebrations by Sergio Perez.

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