Horner: ‘It will be difficult to significantly improve the RB20’

Kevin Magnussen was extremely honest: as a fan, the Dane would get bored of Max Verstappen‘s dominance. The Haas driver is certainly not the only one who would like to see someone other than the three-time champion win races for once. But Christian Horner, Red Bull Racing‘s team boss, can’t take it all.

Like no other, the Briton realises that success does not last forever. For instance, Horner was the best in Formula 1 with Red Bull for many years, during Sebastian Vettel‘s glory days. Only with Max Verstappen is Red Bull back as absolute number one, after years in the shadow of Mercedes.

This is why Horner told Bloomberg: “Well, it means that we’re doing our job and that we’re winning but the one thing that’s guaranteed in this sport is that nothing stands still and I think with stable regulations, we can already see teams improving behind us. I think that next year it’s gonna converge and we’re in for a much more tight championship next year and also 2025 before another reset with new regulations for 2026. I’m expecting a much, much tougher year in 2024.”

Horner expects a lot from competition in ’24

To still stay ahead of the competition, the team at Milton Keynes are working hard to build a strong RB20. Because Red Bull certainly does not rest on their laurels with the current success. 

“You’re always looking to improve because you can guarantee our competitors are gonna be improving. They will be copying some of the philosophy of our car. That’s undoubted. We’re already seeing that starting to happen and we just gotta keep trying to move the goalposts, to try and keep developing and improving ourselves. Of course, for the last few months, the factory had been very, very focused on that but, of course, you start to get into diminishing returns. It’s gonna be tough to improve the RB20 next year significantly from where RB19 has been this year,” Horner said.

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