Horner takes drastic action to CENSOR fan of Red Bull rivals at Spa

Christian Horner jokingly used sticky tape to cover up a rogue Ferrari logo in Red Bull’s garage ahead of the Belgian Grand Prix.

After speaking to a guest during the only practice session of the weekend, Horner, in hilarious fashion, used blacked-out tape to hide the rival badge.

In a video shared on Formula 1’s Twitter page, Horner was seen chatting to the guest before lifting up the piece of tape and applying it over the prancing horse.

Making the most of the moment, the guest then removed the gaffer tape, looked to apply it back and spoke to Horner, perhaps asking if he had been serious.

The exchange took place whilst David Croft and Ted Kravitz discussed the washed-out practice live on Sky Sports, with the former providing some context.

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Horner used tape to cover over the rogue badge

‘Scenes, as they say!’

“Someone is wearing a Ferrari cap in the Red Bull garage and Horner has got the gaffer tape out and is ensuring corporate compliance at all times,” Croft said.

“Scenes, as they say!” Kravitz replied.

In jovial fashion, Ferrari responded to Horner’s censorship with a mocked-up meme on social media showing Carlos Sainz reacting to an unknown image.

On the left, Sainz’s bizarre expression, seemingly of shock, was placed next to two screenshots of the moment Horner placed the tape over the Scuderia’s crest.

But at the end of the practice session, Ferrari enjoyed the last laugh with Sainz topping the timesheet ahead of McLaren duo Oscar Piastri and Lando Norris.

Contrastingly, Sergio Perez finished fifth while Max Verstappen did not set a time.

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