‘Horner will be happy that Wolff now knows how it feels’

Red Bull Racing has taken Mercedes ‘ role as the dominant team in Formula 1 in recent years. The Austrian constructor is winning race after race and is far ahead of the competition. Damon Hill thinks Christian Horner secretly enjoys the fact that Toto Wolff now knows what it feels like to see the other always win.

Hill compares Red Bull and Mercedes to Mclaren and Williams

Since 2010, Red Bull and Mercedes have alternated as the dominant force in Formula 1. Hill compares this period to another well-known period in F1. “It’s similar in a way to in the early in the 80s when it used to swing back and forth between McLaren and Williams. You know, they were two teams and no one else could get a look in. Of course, McLaren are on the way back and it might be that Williams are, but to actually be sitting there as Red Bull watching Mercedes mopping it up for how many years was it? Eight years? And now it’s the boot is on the other foot,” says the former world champion in the F1 Nation podcast.

‘Horner enjoys Wolff situation’

So now the roles between team bosses Horner and Wolff have also reversed and, as we know, they are not the best of friends. “It’s so interesting seeing how these teams manage to get the right formula and then dominate and then the others are then struggling to try and crack that stranglehold they have on it. And it’s a real pressure. Can you imagine being the boss of a team like that? So Toto’s had all the success and now he’s sitting there and Christian is probably rubbing his hands together, you know, considering how Toto now knows how it feels to watch the other guys winning all the time.”

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