Las Vegas Grand Prix start time is SLAMMED by fans

  • All practice and qualifying events in Vegas will be taking place at 7:30pm or later
  • Several fans essentially stated the race will begin well past their bed times 
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Formula One fans have expressed outrage after it was confirmed that next month’s inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix will begin at 10pm – working out as 1am over on the east coast.

And not only is the main event taking place in the final hours of the evening, but all practice and qualifying sessions will get started after 8:30pm, with the latter due to begin at 12am (3am ET).

Since Vegas falls into the Pacific Time Zone, east-coast viewers will have to stay up through the early hours if they wish to watch the race or qualifying in its entirety.

The move has not gone down well with fans across the globe, who took to X to brand it ‘brutal’ and ‘absurd’ from race organizers. 

‘The timing is so dumb. If that’s 1 am est than that means its only 6 am in England, 7 am in western Europe. The timing makes no sense,’ one clearly angered fan said.

Formula One fans have expressed outrage after it was confirmed that next month's inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix will begin at 10pm

The timing for the main event works out as a 1am start for fans over on the east coast

Qualifying for the race is not due to start until midnight in Las Vegas, equating to 3am ET

Another commented: ‘That’s WAYYYYY past my bedtime.’

‘Well said.. that’s brutal timing. Would’ve watched otherwise,’ said another fan who has no intention of staying up until the race begins. 

A fourth wrote: ‘Can’t even watch this race with this timeline and I’m in the USA lmao’.

One went as far to say: ‘This is the worst weekend schedule I’ve ever seen’.

While one simply put: ‘This is absurd.’ 

The 2023 inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix will mark the first F1 race to take place in Sin City since the 1982 Caesars Palace Grand Prix.

It will take place on a temporary circuit which includes the famed Las Vegas strip. 

The race will be the third F1 race to take place on US soil in 2023 following the Miami Grand Prix and United States Grand Prix. It will also be the first time three F1 races will have taken place in the USA. 

Max Verstappen secured his third consecutive Formula One world title at the weekend after finishing second in a chaotic sprint race ahead of the Qatar Grand Prix.

After the announcement fans took to X to complain about how late the race will take place

The rampant Red Bull superstar has proven untouchable this year and confirmed his dominance once and for all after team-mate Sergio Perez crashed out.

Verstappen needed to finish just sixth or above to add another championship trophy to his tally and recovered from a sluggish start to trail eventual winner Oscar Piastri.

Perez’s two early victories in Saudi Arabia and Azerbaijan and Carlos Sainz‘s win in Singapore remain the only blots on Verstappen’s masterful record this season.

He now trails his team-mate by a staggering gap totalling 184 points.

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