Norris forces Piastri to CRASH in hilarious F1 challenge

Lando Norris deliberately caused team-mate Oscar Piastri to crash in a hilarious toy car challenge.

The challenge given to the McLaren drivers by Burger King and Coca Cola, meant they had to complete an obstacle course in the fastest time with one small catch… the driver is blindfolded.

The aim of the challenge was to avoid any obstacles including a Coca Cola bottle and fake chips.

Norris took charge in giving directions as Piastri stood behind the small wheel with an eye mask on.

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Lando Norris is not a helpful co-driver!

The challenge was a recipe for disaster with Norris not able to contain his laughter giving Piastri unhelpful directions.

Despite Piatsri’s clear confusion with Norris’s directions saying “Right, Left?”, the pair began to get the hang of the challenge.

However, with Norris’s unseriousness nature he forced Piastri to take direction straight into a Coca Cola bottle.

The two drivers successfully tackled the challenge in just 47 seconds, even if there were numerous collisions with the obstacles.

It’s worth noting that entrusting Norris with the task of providing directions might not be the wisest choice!

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