Piastri left GOBSMACKED by Norris after BIZARRE food obsession revealed

An F1 driver has to be fully on top of their health both physically and mentally which includes their diet.

As you can imagine, fruit is a vital component but Lando Norris‘ very specific choice left his McLaren team-mate Oscar Piastri visibly stunned.

The British ace, who has scored two podiums this season, revealed in a video on the team’s YouTube channel that he only eats green bananas.

Piastri automatically assumed that Norris wasn’t being totally truthful but the 23-year-old insisted he does, rather than eating fully-ripened yellow bananas.

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Of all the things…

“I don’t know what other colours you can get, but I only eat green bananas,” Norris said.

“No one eats brown bananas so I’ll say it’s a fact.” Piastri then understandably asked. “Surely you don’t eat green bananas, do you eat yellow bananas?”

“It’s like a mix from green to yellow,” came the answer. “Like a faded green because if it’s fully yellow, it’s already too late.”

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