Pirelli has come up with something new: the super-intermediate

Formula 1 drivers have been complaining about the full wets for some time, which is why Pirelli introduced new rain tyres from the Monaco Grand Prix onwards. The new rubber was tested extensively, but over the weekend in Belgium it became painfully clear that no one wants to use the blue-coloured tyre. Pirelli has a solution in mind.

The avoidance of the full-wets can be explained, on the one hand, by the fact that the tyre only functions when the track is very wet, and on the other hand, Formula 1 does not drive more often than before when there is a lot of water on the track. The full-wets are therefore pretty much useless, because in the (later started) sprint race at Spa-Francorchamps, everyone wanted to move to intermediates as soon as possible after the start.

‘Super-intermediate’ in F1?

Pirelli now wants to propose to the teams in the king class of motorsport to introduce a ‘super-intermediate’. This tyre would replace intermediates and full wets and combine the best of the two compounds. This tyre would have a larger operating window and could therefore be used in more different conditions.

“This intermediate tyre should be able to handle more water than the current one. It should have a larger window – from too wet for slicks to the point where it becomes too dangerous due to too much wetness,” Mario Isola explained to Auto, Motor und Sport. An additional advantage is that bringing only one type of rain tyre instead of two also contributes to durability. Very often tyres are brought along that are not used at all, but have to be transported to and from circuits.

Isola will soon present the idea to the teams, but at the earliest this tyre will not be seen at Grands Prix until the 2024 European season. First the racing teams have to give their agreement, then development and testing have to take place, says the Pirelli top executive.

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