Pit Beirer and the future of MotoGP: ‘Manufacturers will have an engine platform, and teams will differentiate with the chassis’

MotoGP regulations are stable until the end of the 2026 season, but preparations for the future are already underway. According to Pit Beirer, the future of the sport may be similar to the current setup in Formula 1.

The KTM Motorsport Director revealed to GPOne.com that in the future, the chassis will make the difference between teams, while manufacturers will each have their own engine platform to supply:

If there are new concessions for well-known manufacturers like KTM, we will have to think carefully about whether we spend the money on a third team in this category and in this sport. MotoGP will develop in the direction of Formula 1. Manufacturers will have an engine platform as in Formula 1. Teams will then differentiate themselves with a different chassis. The power units will remain the same.

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