Sky Sports apologise after Horner gives middle finger to F1 reporter on live TV

Sky Sports were forced to apologise to viewers after showing Christian Horner giving the middle finger live on air.

The incident appeared to be a light-hearted exchange between Red Bull team boss Horner and reporter Ted Kravitz during practice on Friday in Las Vegas.

Red Bull boss Horner was in playful mood with Sky reporters on Friday


Red Bull boss Horner was in playful mood with Sky reporters on FridayCredit: AFP

Kravitz entered into some banter with Horner while live on air and joked that the Red Bull chief’s 50th birthday bash on Thursday had gone on until the early hours.

The Sky pitlane reporter said: “I think he’s wearing his natty new glasses on the pit wall and who can blame him?

“Who, approaching 50 years old, would wear their glasses in the pit lane, wanting to pretend that they actually don’t need them? Who would do that?”

But Horner, who wasn’t wearing his glasses at the time, was listening in to the jibe and Kravitz was quickly made aware that the Red Bull chief had turned around to face him.

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Horner then smirked before hitting Kravitz with a subtle middle finger which was caught on camera.

Kravitz then replied: “Christian, where are the glasses? Put the glasses back on.”

After catching wind of the middle finger, Kravitz said: “Oh, he’s giving me a happy little greeting there. Honestly, every time I keep putting a compliment Christian’s way, he doesn’t like it. He’s 50 and I’m approaching 50 and we both need the glasses now. And the glasses are on.”

Commentator David Croft was then forced to apologise for the finger salute telling viewers: “He did put the glasses on eventually, thank you Christian. And apologies if you were offended by the hand signals that were going on from the Red Bull pit wall.”

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The exchange provided a humorous moment in what has been a difficult start to the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix.

Carlos Sainz suffered extreme damage to his car in first practice on Thursday after hitting a manhole at full throttle.

To make matters worse, fans were sent home due to the delays caused by the circuit issue meaning practice was held in front of a handful of people.

Eddie Jordan hits out at Las Vegas grand prix and calls it a ‘circus’ as fans banned from the first practice

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