Supercars Superlicence system abolished by Motorsport Australia

The Superlicence system – introduced by Motorsport Australia (MA) to Supercars in 2017 – will be abolished on January 1 next year. The system was brought in under the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport banner, and required drivers to qualify for a Superlicence to compete in the Supercars Championship.

The decision to get rid of the system came following discussions about its relevance. MA stated that changes to power-to-weight requirements and age limits placed on drivers wanting to obtain a circuit license “did not exist when the Superlicence was introduced”.

Eugene Arocca, CEO of Motorsport Australia, stated, “The Board today considered and discussed a recommendation put forward by the Australian Motor Racing Commission (AMRC). Following those deliberations, the board resolved to no longer require Supercars drivers to hold a Superlicence from the start of next year.

“This decision follows recent changes to the power-to-weight requirements and age limits imposed on those seeking to obtain a Circuit license. Those requirements did not exist when the Superlicence was introduced, therefore the board is comfortable that these restrictions effectively ensure that only qualified drivers of the right age will be able to apply for and receive an International Circuit Licence, in line with FIA requirements.

“The Superlicence was always a free endorsement for Australian drivers on their existing license, so this will not require Supercars drivers to make any changes in 2024 and beyond as current drivers will already hold an International Circuit Licence and can simply renew as normal. New drivers can apply for an International Circuit Licence via the Motorsport Australia website or by contacting our membership team.”

The current criteria ensure that the category benefits from the highest level of safety and driving standards. Recently, changes were made by Supercars to its requirement criteria to enable drivers to be eligible for a Superlicence. Drivers that finish in the top three of either Carrera Cup or Super3, or have made three Super2 appearances, can qualify for a Superlicence. Previously, drivers were required to have made six appearances in Super2, or be an FIA Gold-rated driver or better, to be automatically eligible.

A Supercars statement released after the MA’s announcement said, “Supercars will review the decision made by Motorsport Australia in consultation with the Commission and board. The current Superlicence criteria is used to effectively uphold safety standards and maintain the competitiveness and integrity of the championship.”

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