Wolff admits CONTROVERSIAL Abu Dhabi 2021 finale brought F1 positives

F1 Academy’s new Managing Director has about the richest pedigree anyone could ask for, as someone tasked with nurturing young female talent towards Formula 1.

The last woman to take part in a Formula 1 weekend, married to Mercedes boss Toto Wolff, and now arguably the most prominent female figure in the sport, Susie Wolff’s latest challenge is one she never thought she would take on.

The recent upturn in female participation for sports such as football and cricket is something that Wolff hopes she can help replicate in the motorsports sphere.

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Wolff: The world has changed

Speaking to media at the launch of F1 Academy’s Discover Your Drive initiative, the Scot discussed how much the world has changed over the last few years, and what it has affected.

She said: “From my own perception, the world has changed. MeToo happened, there was this real sense of empowerment, and this led to huge motorsport investment. You’ve also got more following.

Susie Wolff has reflected on the growing popularity of Formula 1

“And then the third topic is huge dramatic moments like Abu Dhabi. It really creates a fan base and young female athletes which made the sport realise ‘Okay, we need to connect with this.’

“But we’d made the call on that together. I didn’t see myself taking on this role but it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

One thing that F1 must improve on is the coverage of the F1 Academy series, which cannot be watched live anywhere on the internet.

If the sport is serious about attracting young female talent, then having a female championship that can be watched live is something that should be atop Susie Wolff’s agenda heading forwards.

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